Decorá Cabinetry searches the world over to find the finest quality hardwoods for our product. If you have your heart set on a certain kind of wood in your home, then browse our extensive product line by wood. We have finishes to suit every style…from bold to mellow, light to dark, and everything in-between.

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Put a modern finish on a traditional cabinet style, and suddenly, you have a transitional look. Put a distressed paint finish on an exquisitely carved door, and you now have a rustic cabinet. That’s what makes putting cabinets into narrow style categories so difficult. To make it a little easier, Decorá offers you the choice to search our cabinet looks by "personalities."

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Decorá believes there is simply no substitute for the exceptional sheen, luxurious touch, and uncompromising durability of a hand-rubbed finish.

Decorá offers dozens of finishes, from pale naturals, to the darkest of today’s modern finishes, to exciting painted finishes. Each finish and glaze combination offers vastly different looks depending on the wood you choose, offering a nearly endless array of options.

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